Embedded Engineering Projects

Laser Tag Combat Arcade Game This project involved designing a laser combat game involving 2 teams, each wearing electronic vests and carrying laser guns, shooting each other for points.  All controlled via a Win95 based computer program over a wireless network.  Each vest consists of:  RF modem, Laser sensor, Fiber Optic receiver, Voice module, Battery/charging module, and Embedded Controller.   Each gun consists of:   Modululated laser, sound effects module, Power module, and Embedded Controller.

The system is controlled via a Win95 Visual Basic program that allows setting of various game parameters, keeps a database of player information, and a report generator.

Switches for the Handicapped Several types of switches and enablers were developed for the physically handicapped.  Units were actuated by vibration, muscle movement, and oversized buttons.  Switch behavior included timed, single shot, and momentary.
Wireless Temperature Probe for Molten Steel This system determines the temperature of molten steel.  The temperature probe is placed into the vat of steel and continuously transmits the temperature via an RF signal to the receiver.  The receiver displays the current temperature and sends the temperature data out a serial port for capture and later analysis.
Access Monitoring and Control System This system used passive RF transponders to identify individuals and either grant or deny them access to a building or area based on the transponders clearance level.   Doors are conntected to the controlling computer via a multidrop network.   Alarms are triggered for invalid ID and for open doors with no corresponding ID.   All entrances and exits are time stamped and permanently stored for ease of tracking.
Smart RF Modem This wireless modem is used to easily implementation of a low speed wireless network.   Communicating at 9600 baud, the units automatically handle - addressing, error detection, packet integrity, packet retransmission, and collision avoidance.  Power conusmption is low and can put itself in sleep modes to conserve even more power.  
Some of Our Modules  
Infra Red Remote Control Set Developed an IR transmitter/receiver pair for remote control applications. 
Infra Red Remote Control  Decoder This unit decoded IR signals from universal remote controls.  Currently decodes Magnavox codes.  Other manufacturers could be added.
Fluid Flow Monitoring System System monitors the flow of fluid on measures various rate of flow and useage totals.
User Interfaces We have developed various user interfaces:  keypads, LCDs, Video, etc.  for getting information into or out of a system for hunan use.
Communication Interfaces We have also added communications interfaces to existing products and systems.   This allows:  data acquisition about behavior of a system and remote input/output/control of the unit.



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